Former GOP billionaire says doctors should have killed Donald Trump when he was born

Former GOP billionaire says doctors should have killed Donald Trump when he was born
Mike Fernandez (Image: YouTube screen grab via CBS Miami)

From the “With Friends Like These” file.

Health care billionaire and former GOP donor Mike Fernandez said Thursday that, had he been a doctor at the time, he would have killed President Donald Trump as a baby.

Trump is an “abortion of a human being … If I was the doctor and knew what that baby [Trump] would do, I’d have made sure it never would have seen the light of day,” Fernandez said.

Like many other GOP members, Fernandez joined the “Never-Trump” protests during the election, and put more than $3.5 million into anti-Trump ads in 2016. He also donated $3 million to former candidate Jeb Bush’s campaign.

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After Trump’s election, Fernandez — the chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners — left the GOP saying:

I am out of the political process. Too disgusted, too expensive, too supportive of ego maniacs whose words have the value of quicksand.

All the Republicans who hide behind the flag and hide behind the church, they don’t have the f*cking balls to do what it takes. It is demoralizing to me to see adults worshipping a false idol.

Come on, Fernandez. Stop holding back. Tell us what you really think.

This report, by Grace Carr, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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