First the students drove a prof off campus for opposing no-whites day. Now the admin goes crazy

First the students drove a prof off campus for opposing no-whites day. Now the admin goes crazy
Image: Evergreen State College via The Wall Street Journal

Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., first achieved national prominence in May when a Jewish professor dared to oppose the recommendation of a black colleague that the university conduct a “Day of Absence” during which white students, faculty, and staff were not welcome on campus. The professor, Bret Weinstein, was urged to vacate the campus for his own safety as 200 students stormed the president’s office, demanding that Weinstein’s “white ass” be fired.

In the days that followed, the protests escalated to a point where the university was forced to shut down, postponing classes.

Over the last month, the situation has settled down. But the daily protests endure. Which has prompted Evergreen’s interim provost, Ken Tabbutt, to request respectfully that professors consider “the physical and emotional commitment” of student protesters when deciding their final grades. Campus Reform has obtained and posted a copy of the email Tabbutt sent to all faculty.

This boggles the mind. Didn’t universities used to be places where people, and primarily newly minted high school graduates, went to broaden their education and prepare for a life in the real world?

It really seemed to be stretching the notion of college when schools made off-the-record “academic accommodations” to varsity athletes. But at least the argument could be made that these students generated revenue for the school. I defy anyone to explain to me how students who spend their days out of class, marching around with signs, chanting slogans, are doing themselves, much less the school, any good.

Evergreen is just one of many asylums currently being run the lunatics. A separate Campus Reform article concerns itself with an op-ed in University Business magazine by James Martin, a professor at Mount Ida College, and James E. Samels, CEO of The Education Alliance, that argues that higher education has “a special mission to educate the next generation of Social Justice Warriors.”

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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