Dem congresswoman’s response to thugs beating Trump supporter in anti-Sharia march

Dem congresswoman’s response to thugs beating Trump supporter in anti-Sharia march
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If you’ve been keeping abreast of the latest lunacy on the Left, then you are aware that they have begun to turn out in force to show solidarity to their Muslim brethren, who are working insidiously to Americans who do not want Sharia law to become a second set of laws of the land. This is not, mind you, a fight for religious freedom, although that’s how the dishonest Left is portraying it. Muslims in the U.S. are already free to pray when and where they want. This is, rather, an attempt by liberals to continue where Barack Obama left off in his efforts to fundamentally transform the nation.

As conservatives continue to exercise their constitutionally protected right to assemble against the scourge of Sharia law through marches, liberals continue to attempt to suppress that right, along with the right of free speech.

One anti-Sharia march in Seattle turned especially ugly when a group of violent pro-Sharia Antifa thugs attacked a group of Trump supporters. Here’s a video:

To make matters worse, one of those supporting the violent leftists was Rep. [score]Pramila Jayapal[/score] (D-Wash.) who gave her seal of approval to the violence on Twitter.

In a second tweet, Jayapal also expressed indirectly her support for Sharia law:

Seattle Weekly noted:

One self-described “Western chauvinist” and member of the fraternity/fight club Proud Boys said that race is not relevant for him. “I don’t care what you look like. … It has to do with the beliefs you’re harboring,” he said. “The West is the best.” Several non-white Trump supporters mocked white leftists for calling them white supremacists.

Following that initial standoff, the day turned into a kind of three-way game of cat-and-mouse between Trump supporters looking for a fight, antifa looking for a fight, and cops looking to stop those fights. At one point, a local militant leftist named Bypolar and a traveling Trump supporter named Tiny began squawking and circling one another in what appeared to be a prelude to a throw down, but neither turned out to be sufficiently excited by the prospect of fisticuffs to throw the first punch. At several points, antifa splurted glitter and silly string onto Trump supporters.

The American Mirror added:

A small group of Trump backers were gathering and video shows them being followed by protesters clad in black and many of them covering their faces.

A women blocks their path and blows a whistle in their faces.

Moments later, a scuffle ensues, glitter is thrown at Trump supporters, and one man is beaten with a “Queers for Muslims” sign.

“Queers for Muslims?” Ironic, considering that gays are known to be killed in some Muslim countries for their sexual orientation.

“Queers for Muslims?” Curious considering that gays are known to be killed in some Muslim countries for their sexual orientation.

According to the Seattle Weekly, three Antifa thugs were arrested. The outlet spoke with one of the three, named Dave Traylor, who called those opposed to oppressive Sharia law “Nazis”:

Dressed in a full Captain America suit, complete with helmet and shield, Traylor was on the side of the counter-protesters and against the anti-sharia ralliers. In the course of the brawl, Traylor was pepper sprayed. “I’m against Nazis. I’m against fascism. They don’t own patriotism,” he said.

Here’s video of that interview:

It’s difficult to say what’s more disturbing — that liberals feel they have carte blanche to physically beat anyone with whom they disagree or that an elected Democrat applauds it.  It’s enough to make one think these people really want a second, bloody civil war.

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