Will social justice warriors rally behind woman who claims she is ‘married’ to train station?

Will social justice warriors rally behind woman who claims she is ‘married’ to train station?
...And do you take this train station to be your lawful-wedded object... (Image: Daily Mail video screen grab)

The proverbial slippery slope has come back to bite the backside of liberals, many of whom acknowledge the existence of dozens of sexes and support marriage between members of the same sex.

Meet Carol Santa Fe, 45, of San Diego, who claims she married the Santa Fe train station (and took its last name!) in 2015. This consummated a 36-year love affair, which she further insists is mutual. Ms. Santa Fe says she has “sex” with the building, although she concedes the act is “mental.”

Santa Fe (the woman, not the station) is quoted by the Daily Mail as having indicated that the station is a she: “Her name is Daidra.” She continues:

We didn’t start a relationship until 2011 but I had been in love with the station since I was a young girl.

When we got married, I stood there and I told her that I take it as my partner.

It was the happiest day of our lives.

When I get there I say hello to her — I then walk around the block circling around her, trying not to let anyone notice I am talking.

There is a private bit where two walls meet, I go there to touch her, which I do by leaning against her with my clothes on.

When I’m touching her, I feel as though it actually holds me and kisses me.

I don’t have physical sex with the station in public, I want to be respectful.

I wouldn’t do that with a human in public so why would I do it in this case.

I do have sex with Daidra in my mind when I stand there.

I especially like when I hear the trains rev up their engines — it turns me on.

According to the Mail, Santa Fe considers herself an objectum sexual. That’s a person who is sexually attracted to inanimate objects and structures. The paper further notes that a debate is underway worldwide to determine whether this phenomenon is a sexuality, a fetish, or a mental condition.

That would seem to be an easy call — unless you’re a social justice warrior.

Meantime, if you’re interested in sending a gift to the happy couple, items on the their registry include track lighting, stationery, and the services of a personal trainer.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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