Tweet of the Day: Alec Baldwin reports getting message from God

Tweet of the Day: Alec Baldwin reports getting message from God
Alec Baldwin as Trump (Image: YouTube screen grab via SNL)

It’s pretty hard to top a message from the Big Guy Upstairs, tweet-of-the-day-wise.

With all the sound and fury in the public square recently, you might be tempted to think one of two things.  Either no one has been hearing from God (which would explain a lot), or a whole lot of people are, and they’re just speaking in tongues.

Not everyone recognizes it when he’s hearing from God.  (There were people in the Bible who went for months at a time trying not to recognize it.)

But some people just know.  Maybe playing Donald Trump has honed his sense for divine communications, because apparently, Alec Baldwin is one of them.  He heard from God on Thursday, and there was no doubt in his mind what the message was.

Baldwin doesn’t often manage to make these disclosures without obscenity, but perhaps the Source of his revelation enabled him to keep a lid on it.

Through one tweet, that is.  Someone came along and challenged Baldwin on, shall we say, the quality of his channel to the Divine Being.

Whereupon Baldwin responded (analytical note: we don’t think this was from God):

Which for some reason is a reminder that we’re still waiting for Baldwin to leave the country because Trump got elected.

Meanwhile, a zealous archivist joined the Twitter exchange to point out that in the movie Malice, Baldwin’s character announces that he is God.

So there’s a basis for questioning the proposition that it’s the other, supernatural God — the one with the Ten Commandments and the miracles and so forth — Whom Baldwin heard from.

Maybe Alec just heard from…Alec.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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