In crazy turnabout, House Dems sing after Obamacare repeal vote; singer makes silly comment

In crazy turnabout, House Dems sing after Obamacare repeal vote; singer makes silly comment
Trump congratulates House Republicans on passing Obamacare repeal bill, May 2017. (Image: Screen grab of Channel90 video, YouTube)

OK, all right, so it’s not that much of a turnabout for a famous pop singer to make a silly political comment.

Work with me here, people.

It seemed to be a great catharsis for the House Republicans to find their mojo and pass an Obamacare repeal on Thursday, which they managed to do with a few votes to spare, 217-213.

It’s not clear yet how good the repeal bill is.  We may have to go through a couple of iterations between House and Senate on this, as they punch, kick, whittle, and line-dance around their chambers to come up with the final, no-kidding, Obamacare’s Outta Here Omnibus and Reconciliation Luau Smorgasbord.  We probably won’t all like everything that’s in it.

Putting on my Wise Old Sea Dog hat for a moment:  that’s OK.  The media will bewail the process as Republicans having an extended mid-life crisis — but what will really be happening is good, old-fashioned legislation.  So visit the Grip Mart now, and don’t lose it when the media tell you to.  Having to hammer out humongous bills back and forth between the chambers is normal and healthy.  It’s what’s supposed to happen.

Meanwhile, the House Democrats celebrated the repeal by breaking into glorious song on the chamber floor.

This interlude received a lot of coverage on the news shows this evening, apparently because the MSM think it was pretty clever.  I thought the Democrats could have projected a little better, but their effort was not bad for a congressional flash mob.

It wouldn’t be a modern political Moment of Eventhood, however, if we didn’t hear from Cher.  Apparently she’s closer to homelessness than anyone knew.  She very much fears that with the repeal of Obamacare (which, technically, hasn’t happened yet), she won’t be able to pay for her asthma treatments.

Personally, I love that she is such an emoji wonk.  I’ve never seen anyone who knows quite so much from emojis.  She’s an example to us all.  Who could forget her insightful meditation on Ted Cruz during the pre-season in late 2015?

Exit bonus: Here are the 20 Republicans who voted against the repeal bill today, courtesy of  We don’t know going forward if they’ll find themselves able to vote for another version down the line, as this percolates along.  But don’t lose heart.  It wasn’t actually dumb of the House GOP to get a little frisky and high-five-y after the vote today.  They’re back at work.  This is what legislating looks like.  Doesn’t mean they’ll get everything right from here on out.  Get over it.  The media want you to have unrealistic expectations, because nobody can meet them.  Don’t bite.

AZ-5, Andy Biggs

CO-6, Mike Coffman

FL-27, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

KY-4, Thomas Massie

NC-3, Walter B. Jones

NJ-2, Frank A. LoBiondo

NJ-4, Christopher H. Smith

NJ-7, Leonard Lance

NY-11, Dan Donovan

NY-24, John Katko

OH-10, Michael R. Turner

OH-14, David Joyce

PA-6, Ryan A. Costello

PA-7, Patrick Meehan

PA-8, Brian Fitzpatrick

PA-15, Charlie Dent

TX-23, Will Hurd

VA-10, Barbara Comstock

WA-3, Jaime Herrera Beutler

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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