Law school at Northeastern U. hosts workshops so ‘white people’ can ‘do better’

Law school at Northeastern U. hosts workshops so ‘white people’ can ‘do better’

One supposes it’s a step up from wanting to rid the earth of white people.

A university law school hosted a social justice conference this Saturday with workshops tying capitalism to racism and professing “reproductive justice,” with one entitled “White People, Do Better!” The law school also reserved a room for “fragrance-free space” so that participants could “center themselves.”

The student-organized conference at Northeastern University, “How To Get It Done: Where Legal Power Meets People Power,” brought together activists and law students for panel talks, “identity-based caucusing,” and a “healing space” to further social justice in the legal field.

“Capitalism, Imperialism, & Racism,” How To Get It Done’s first session, focused on how “economic exploitation” creates “marginalized identities.”

“Local organizers and scholars will discuss how capitalism drives racism and imperialism,” read the event description. “After Trump’s election, it is crucial to remember and affirm that in America racism, US imperialism, and economic exploitation are and always have been connected.”

The event named four panelists, three of whose names were followed by personal pronouns such as “she/her/hers” and “they/them/theirs.” Subsequent events on the program, such as “Our Bodies, Our Laws,” used a similar format.

“[This panel] will explore how the legal system historically and presently infringes on physical autonomy and self-definition,” said the section detailing the “Our Bodies, Our Laws” workshop. “Panelists will share their expertise and experience related to reproductive justice, Queer theory in the law, transgender justice, and disability justice.”

“While these communities have been powerful advocates throughout history, the Trump administration presents new challenges to our liberation. Engage in a critical discussion about the intersectional impact of laws and social context and leave with insight about how you can participate in resistance, reform, and remedies during the age of Trump and after it ends.”

Another event insisted that the election of President Trump “reinvigorated many forms of bigotry,” including Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and hatred of Mexicans, “Latinx people,” and illegal immigrants.

In the afternoon, Northeastern University hosted “White People, Do Better!,” which was apparently “a Caucus for white people to work together to address white supremacy.”

“While many white people are now aware of the need to address structural racism and white supremacy at a legal or policy level, this doesn’t always translate into our daily relationships and practices,” stated the event description. “How are we failing to show up for, excluding, or hurting our classmates or colleagues of color?”

A final workshop, entitled “Building Alternative Community Frameworks” was hosted by a representative of Black Lives Matter Boston.

The university made a “Spiritual Counselor” available to students during lunch at a “healing space” and instructed participants to stay outside of the “quiet + fragrance-free space” if they have used any perfumes.

The Daily Caller News Foundation requested comment from Northeastern University, the university’s School of Law, and the How To Get It Done student organization, but received none in time for publication.

This report, by Rob Shimshock, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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