Liberal marchers break out their latest knit hat du jour

Liberal marchers break out their latest knit hat du jour
Brain hats (Image via CNN)

As noted in these pages earlier this month, “pussy hats” — the iconic fashion statement of January’s Women’s March on Washington — have been greatly devalued now that the protesters have returned home. Next up for the overstock bin is the hat of choice of yesterday’s March on Science.

Say hello to the “brain hat,” a pink-and-white numbers worn by marchers to affirm their belief in global warming.

According to CNN via KRTV:

Many referred to the crocheted hats as “thinking caps,” saying the headgear represents critical thinking, a cornerstone of science.

“People don’t look at both sides of an issue. We have the Trump administration, which runs on a lack of critical thinking,” said critical care nurse Craig Wright from Gainesville, Florida.


Sherry Annee, who just marked 25 years as a science teacher, decked out her brain hat with messages related to education, like the elements of the periodic table spelling out her school: B-Re-Be-U-F. (That’s boron, rhenium, beryllium, uranium and fluorine to you non-scientists.)

The hats were also ripe for jokes: “We are brain friends, a brain trust,” joked a father with his daughter and a friend.

The biggest joke of all is on the people who gullible enough to think they looked more intelligent by wearing these silly hats. Maybe for their next march — whatever the cause — they can repurpose the cone-shaped hats that a few of the older hands remember from their school days:



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Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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