HuffPo writers apologize for the darnedest things

HuffPo writers apologize for the darnedest things
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As Democrats now enter the fantasy realm in which Obamacare will live and forever remain the law of the land, those in the media are beginning once again to enumerate their blessings. Among these in the eyes of the Left are the “essential health benefits” mandated by the law.

Addressing one of these benefits, comprehensive maternity coverage, Sen. Pat Roberts (R.- Kan.) quipped earlier this week, “I wouldn’t want to lose my mammograms,” which was met with shock and outrage from the Left.

On Thursday, Roberts apologized in a statement that read:

I deeply regret my comments on such an important topic. I know several individuals whose lives have been saved by mammograms, and I recognize how essential they are to women’s health. I never intended to indicate otherwise….
That didn’t prevent liberals from continuing the assault on Roberts, which on Friday took an unexpected turn when Huffington Post Senior Politics Editor Sam Stein, during an appearance on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, issued an apology of his own:

After apologizing on behalf of his gender, Stein went on to add:

[M]en do get mammograms. Men do suffer from breast cancer and you do have screenings that you have, and it might be breaking news to some, but we’re all products of women, and women’s health matters not just to women, but to men.

There is a logical rationale for requiring insurance companies to cover things like mammograms and maternity care, and of course, there’s an insurance rationale, which is if you don’t force health insurers to cover these things, they end up raising the prices of premiums for people who do need them.

Stein is confusing the requirement that insurance companies “cover things like mammograms and maternity care,” which they have been doing virtually forever, with the requirement that all Americans pay a premium for these services regardless of whether they need them.

Ironically, he went on to say:

Obviously, Sen. Roberts had to backtrack on that for obvious reasons. It was a politically a dumb thing to say, but also it shows a lack of understanding about the actual policy.

Look who’s talking!

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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