CNN exposes a flaw in Trump that could be grounds for impeachment: Enter ‘Stairgate’

CNN exposes a flaw in Trump that could be grounds for impeachment: Enter ‘Stairgate’

On Wednesday, anti-Trump propaganda outlet CNN, floated a conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump suffers from a phobia that — carried to its logical conclusion — could be grounds for removing him from office under the 25th Amendment, which provides remedies in the event the president becomes incapacitated.

According to The Hill:

A CNN reporter wondered aloud in a Wednesday segment if President Trump is afraid of stairs….

National correspondent Jeanne Moos, a 34-year veteran of the network, shared on CNN’s “New Day” that she has become “slightly obsessed with watching President Trump watch his step” while sharing a rumor that Trump has a phobia of steep inclines.

“Whether it’d be not shaking the German chancellor’s hand or clutching the hand of Britain’s prime minister, President Trump’s hands always seem to end up in headlines,” Moos said in the narration of an edited package for the morning program.

Moos stated that Trump, 70, “always keeps his eyes on his feet while clutching the railing” of stairs when exiting Air Force One.

To start, one has to wonder about the mental soundness of a reporter who has become obsessed with watching Trump climb stairs. Worse yet, as NewsBusters notes, CNN devoted two whole minutes to the conspiracy:

The two-minute segment … on several British newspapers that claim the GOP occupant of the White House has “bathmophobia,” the fear of stairs and slopes.

“’ScareCase’ chortled one British paper back when President Trump took Prime Minister [Theresa] May’s hand as they navigated their way up at the White House,” Moos stated before claiming that British government sources told the press that the president’s rare condition might cause sufferers to panic at the mere sight of a flight of stairs.

She asserted that the fear doesn’t just affect the president before showing a clip of President George W. Bush “nudging Barney,” his pet Scottish Terrier, up the ramp of stairs onto Air Force One.

As you might expect, “Trump stairs jokes were ramped up” at the president’s expense.

At that point, a puppet that resembled a television anchor stated: “Finally, an explanation for all those escalators.”

Media analyst Mark Dice, well, “diced” the report as only he can:

The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila noted: “I don’t recall CNN talking about Hillary Clinton holding onto railings just to be able to stand up in place. Or when she was practically carried up a few steps.”

Neither do I.

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Joe Newby

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