Quote of the Day: If there’s any decency in the GOP, they’ll pull their healthcare bill

Quote of the Day: If there’s any decency in the GOP, they’ll pull their healthcare bill
Their is longer: HHS secretary Tom Price compares physical size of GOP bill and Obamacare (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Alternative headline quote: “Thousands of Americans will die” if the GOP healthcare bill passes. That’s onetime would-be Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders keeping a cool head as the party in power tries to fix the biggest mess Donald Trump inherited from Barack Obama.

Is Sanders is guilty of hyperbole, at least his greatest sin was merely voting in favor of Obamacare back in 2010. He was not one of the Democrats who helped birth this bureaucratic nightmare. The speaker of today’s quote on the other was a central figure in its creation. It’s none other than Nancy “You Have to Pass it to See What’s in It” Pelosi.

During a recent press gaggle that the Democrat leader brought together for the sole purpose of demonizing the Republican Party, Pelosi demanded that the GOP stop trying to repeal the monstrosity for which she deserves a large share of the blame.

Speaking of the House GOP she said:

I hope that they would pull the bill. That’s really the only decent thing to do. Numbers are important. They see the numbers. They should know how that transfers into people’s lives.

They are finding that out from their constituents. How can they look their constituents in the eyes when they say to them, 24 million of you are no longer going to have coverage. Those of you who do have it will have less in terms of coverage at more cost to you.

The difficulties inherent in the GOP bill (or bills, if you will: House Speaker Paul Ryan said yesterday that there will be three separate pieces of legislation proposed in repeal and replace process) have been detailed in these pages. Much hard work lies ahead in both the dismantling of the more noxious aspects of Obamacare, and in particular the individual mandate, and in cobbling together a viable replacement.

But to defend Obama’s signature failure — which even Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, conceded this week is a gigantic cluster hump — is to demonstrate a level of naïveté that is dangerous. To be perfectly candid, Pelosi isn’t just a victim of her advancing years. She’s never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. She should really do the American people, and herself, a favor and retire.

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Onan Coca

Onan Coca

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