As payback for ‘genocide and enslavement of our ppl,’ Hispanic coed wants whites to do what?

As payback for ‘genocide and enslavement of our ppl,’ Hispanic coed wants whites to do what?
Leandra Vargas (Image via Twitter)

Her name is Leandra Vargas, and she is seeking reparations … sort of. A student at Pitzer University, in Claremont, Calif., Vargas sent out an email to the student community at large reminding white students of their massive debt to Hispanics whose sacrifice underlies “everything that u have/are.” (She also reminds them of the “genocide and enslavement of our ppl” — whatever that might be a reference to.)

So, is Vargas seeking a cut in tuition? The assurance that more Hispanics will be hired to join the faculty? Nope. She wants her “white allies,” as she puts it, to help her escape the “toxic” environment of “this institution” … by financing her spring break!

Here’s the email, which must be seen to be believed:

QPOC, in case you’re wondering, is Queer People of Color.

The POC of Pitzer (no Q) have graced these pages before. In 2016, a group at Claremont Colleges (of which Pitzer is one) shared on Facebook their common goal of rooming with someone — anyone — who isn’t white.

As for Vargas, she maintains a page on Twitter, where she wrote:

I don’t think anybody would quibble with that.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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