Hispanic cop under fire for video message telling illegals they have nothing to fear

Hispanic cop under fire for video message telling illegals they have nothing to fear
Source: usbacklash.org

Laws? He don’t need no stinking laws. Never mind that he swore to uphold the laws of his Texas community. Fort Worth police officer Daniel Segura recorded a  video message to his fellow Latinos who — in español, naturalamente — that offer assurances to immigrants in the city illegally.

The six-minute video, which has gone viral, includes the advice:

In the City of Fort Worth for many, many years, we have not enforced immigration laws. We are not federal officials that can enforce federal immigration laws. I want to make that very, very clear. We, in Fort Worth, do not execute or enforce laws on immigration so that people that live in Fort Worth do not have the fear that we can possibly deport them. That is not true.

But not so fast says the department that employs Segura (whose last name ironically translates to “safe”). According to Fox News, the department issued a statement saying that it does enforce all laws – local and federal – to protect all citizens, emphasizing that Fort Worth is not a sanctuary city. “The video is not intended to represent the views of the City of Fort Worth on immigration or compliance with immigration policies,” the statement said.

The department said Segura would not face any disciplinary action because of his video, however.

Here is the video:

Meantime, another Hispanic law enforcement officer is in the headlines for releasing 39 criminal aliens in two days. Sally Hernandez, sheriff of Travis County, which is home to Austin, also declined 191 immigration detainers that were received by her office before Feb. 1. Eight more immigration detainers received after February 1 were also declined. The sheriff also declined requests from immigration officials to be notified of the pending release of the criminal aliens in her custody.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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