Shia LaBeouf arrested after he lays hands on another counter-protester

Shia LaBeouf arrested after he lays hands on another counter-protester
LaBeouf's "canvas" outside the Museum of the Moving Image (Image: USA Today video screen grab)

Two’s a charm for actor — and activist — Shia LaBeouf. On Saturday, LaBeouf grabbed the jacket front of a diminutive counter-protester at the so-called women’s march in Washington and shook him while barking in his face “You! Will! Not! Divide! Us!” Despite video of the assault, LaBeouf was not brought up on charges.

Yesterday, he did a repeat performance of his bullying and intimidation routine in New York City, but this time, police took notice … and action.

Via USA Today:

Actor Shia LaBeouf’s ongoing, livestreamed anti-Trump protest hit a snag Wednesday night after he was arrested for getting into a physical altercation with another man.

The actor, who had been chanting “He will not divide us” into a live camera since Friday’s presidential inauguration, was charged with misdemeanor assault after pulling the scarf off an unidentified 25-year-old man outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, N.Y. It’s not clear what prompted the confrontation.

According to the news video that follows, LaBeouf (who fancies himself a performance artist) is in the midst of a four-year project that involves standing outside the museum and importuning passersby to repeat the mantra “He will not divide us” into a camera.

But as the incident on Wednesday shows, he occasionally gets a dissenter, whom he feels the need to “educate,” using brute force if necessary.

To add irony to idiocy, LaBeouf  said in an interview Monday, “We’re anti-division out here. Everyone’s invited. I’m just saying, ‘Be nice to each other.’”

Translation: Everyone’s invited so long as they take the same far-Left position as me.

As for his insistence that he his message is “Be nice to each other,” I suppose one man’s “nice” is another’s “nuts.”

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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