When Trump protester has heart attack, Trump employees rush to help; protesters do this

When Trump protester has heart attack, Trump employees rush to help; protesters do this
Image: YouTube screen grab via Alex Jones Channel

Love trumps hate, eh? Tell that to the Trump protester who suffered a heart attack last Saturday in front of Trump International Hotel in Washington.

Throughout the day, anyone with legitimate business the hotel, including guests of the establishment, was loudly booed and harassed by the unruly throng. Police officers and security details patrolling the area were not immune to this classless behavior.

Around 4 p.m. a woman in the crowd suddenly clutched her chest and crumpled to the ground. The emergency triggered action on the part of the hotel staff, which rushed to the woman’s aid with a defibrillator from the hotel. Even as staff members sprinted past the mob to attend to the fallen protester, her comrades continue to boo and hiss.

The police standing by were amazed at the disturbing behavior from the crowd, with one officer even noting that “You’re booing and they’re trying to save your lives.”

Watch the disturbing footage below:

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Onan Coca

Onan Coca

Onan Coca is editor-in-chief at Liberty Alliance media group. He is also managing editor of Eagle Rising and Constitution.com, and a managing partner of iPatriot.com.

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