U. of Maryland hosting lecture series that lays bare REAL reason Trump won

U. of Maryland hosting lecture series that lays bare REAL reason Trump won
Matthew W. Hughey (left) and Paula Ioanide ((Images: U. of Maryland)

Two months have passed since the presidential election, and yet analyses of why it turned out the way it did continue to filter outward from academe liberal soothsayers. The latest is from the University of Maryland, which is hosting a series of scholarly lectures on the election set to begin next month.

Titled “Understanding Race and Class in the 2016 Election,” the individual lectures (there appear to be two) are peppered with phrases like “white patriotism,” “a sense of whiteness as Messianic paternalism,” and “a commitment to white supremacy,” “white Americans’ investments in gendered racism,” and “racial reasoning.”

Judging from their photos, both speakers are white (it’s hard to know if that’s how they self-identify), and one is a woman.

Campus Reform adds:

The February event will be co-sponsored by the school’s “Critical Race Initiative,” which claim to examine “the ways that race permeates social institutions to maintain systemic forms of inequality,” as well as the UMD law school.

It is my sincere hope that at some point during their sermons, these learned “educators” will desist from what amounts to name-calling long enough to explain to their listeners what the latter are expected to take away from this exercise in futility. Never mind whether there is any validity to the message of hate they are preaching. The question now is what action they would recommend that liberal Americans take.

If the goal is to keep the embers of race and class warfare alive — which the series title suggests is the case — then they will likely succeed. But to what end?

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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