Hey, white guys: MTV News has your New Year’s resolutions for you

Hey, white guys: MTV News has your New Year’s resolutions for you

Too busy to make New Year’s resolutions for the coming year? No problem. MTV News has created a list for you. That is if you’re white. And a guy.

If you’re “of color” and/or some gender other than male*, you’re on your own.

I can’t decide what I like most about the video — whether it’s having some black dude lecture me on how to be a better me (shades of the past eight years) or the specific suggestions, many of which aren’t suggestions at all.

The first, for example, by a woman of indeterminate ethnicity is a grievance aimed at anyone who voted for or supports President-elect Donald Trump. “First off,” she tells us, “Try to remember that America was never GREAT [emphasized with air quotes] for anyone who wasn’t a white guy.” Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

For some reason, the third recommendation comes from a white guy, who you would assume doesn’t deserve a platform in this video. But when you hear him speak, you understand he is a liberated white male. You also understand he is a tool because his message is “Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing.” An elaboration of that idea is presented by the next speaker, who is black and coyly notes, “Cops weren’t born with blue skin.”

Most of the resolutions that are resolutions are similarly cutesy … and offensive. And to think these morons are probably still wondering why their candidate lost the election!

So far, liberals have identified somewhere in the vicinity of 70 genders.
Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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