Cops respond to call about ‘frozen woman’ buckled inside parked car, get a surprise

Cops respond to call about ‘frozen woman’ buckled inside parked car, get a surprise

The still image, which shows what police discovered when they responded to a report of an elderly woman who frozen to death, strapped in the front seat of a car. The woman, covered in liver spots, appears to be in her eighties. She is wearing an oxygen mask attached to a portable tank. And if all that is not horrible enough, her manner of dress — which incldues a light cartigan sweater unbuttoned, worn over a blouse — is woefully inadquate to the brutal temperatures in upstate New York.

Fox affiliate WDAF tells when police in the city of Hudson responded to the 911 call made by a concerned passerby Friday morning:

It was cold — around five degrees Fahrenheit — and the car had snow cover and looked like it hadn’t been moved in a while.

Authorities saw an elderly woman in the front passenger seat, police said. She was wearing an oxygen mask. She did not move and was unresponsive.

An officer smashed the rear window, opened the door … and discovered the “woman” was really a life-sized mannequin. The kind that is used in CPR training.

But this was no ordinary mannequin. Photos from the police show it was very detailed — with hair, real clothing and shoes and even skin blemishes. It was even wearing a seat belt.

The article goes on to note that when the owner showed up, he was pretty displeased about the broken window, explaining that he works for a company that makes medical training devices and always takes the mannequin with him.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The article stops there, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that the guy has the old woman strapped into a front seat so that he can use the high-occupancy vehicle lane during rush hour.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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