Donald Trump: The grinch who stole Christmas (parties)

Donald Trump: The grinch who stole Christmas (parties)

The woman whose chance at true love was dashed by the election of Donald Trump is not the only self-styled victim of this year’s referendum on the Obama presidency.

Husband and husband James La Force and Stephen Henderson also woke up the day after the election feeling sadder. As to whether the pair is any wiser, you can decide for yourself after reading about their plight.

So cocksure (oh, that word!) were they that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election that they sent out invitations to their annual Christmas party (or “holiday party” in the words of the Los Angeles Times, a pox on it) that showed Clinton in a Santa Claus suit, waving an American flag with the caption “Make America Merry Again.”

But now that the other guy won, La Force and Henderson don’t feel much like partying. Accordingly, they have sent out an “univitation” to people on their guest list, along with the advice that the money they had set aside for their shindig will be donated “to Planned Parenthood, Housing Works, an organization close to Henderson’s heart and The Stonewall Foundation.”

The Times writer opines that the couple was “presumably in that ‘liberal bubble’ the likes of Michael Moore have been pontificating about post-election.”

The invitation instructs guests to dress “patridiotic,” which I’m guessing is a conflation of “patriotic” and “idiotic,” in which a pox on the couple, too.


Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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