Philly city attorney caught spray painting obscene anti-Trump graffiti

Philly city attorney caught spray painting obscene anti-Trump graffiti

Philadelphia officials identified and caught a vandal spray-painting anti-Trump slurs in the city. The culprit, to make matters worse, was not only an attorney — who should know better — but a city employee: a man whose salary is paid for by taxpayers.

According to Mediaite, surveillance video released by Philadelphia police captures the vandal in action Friday. He is dressed, atypically, in a blue blazer as he progresses down the street, stopping at intervals to spray-paint “F*ck Trump” on the wall of a market.

The department’s Northwest Division posted the video to YouTube in an attempt to locate the perpetrator, which follows:

Police estimate that the property damage runs between $3000 and $10,000 “due to the composition of the stone used during the construction of the façade.”

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The suspect was been identified as Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd.

Lloyd’s superiors confirmed to The Philadelphia Inquirer that he was the man in the video. “We do not condone this type of behavior from our employees,” said First Deputy City Solicitor Craig Straw. “To my knowledge, Mr. Lloyd has already contacted the Philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. We will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation.”

Meanwhile, the city’s Republican Party is having a field day. “If the image of an upper-middle-class city attorney clad in a blazer and sipping wine while vandalizing an upscale grocery store with an anti-Trump message strikes you as perhaps the most bourgeois sight imaginable, that’s because it is,” said chairman Joe DeFelice.

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Deneen Borelli

Deneen Borelli

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