‘God, this guy is great’: Video montage of MSM mourning Castro

‘God, this guy is great’: Video montage of MSM mourning Castro

If you need evidence that the distance between the polticial Left and political Right in the nation has grown dramatically over the past eight years, get a load (load being the operative word) of the collective reaction of the mainstream media to the passing of one of the most prominent tyrants of the modern era.

From Grabien:

Few are taking the death of Cuba’s longtime autocrat Fidel Castro harder than members of America’s media elite. Just as soon as Raul Castro announced his brother’s death Friday, the network news has become awash in praise for the anti-American strongman.

Their praise centers mostly around Castro’s interventions in health care and education.

CNN’s Martin Savidge, for instance, praised Castro’s “positives” such as “education and health care for all.”

“If you were from the middle down in Cuban society in the hierarchy, and you’ve got free medicine that you didn’t have under the dictator Batista,” Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera said. “If you’ve got some, if you could start a little business, if you could get access to higher education that you couldn’t get unless you were an elite under Batista the dictator that preceded Communism and Castro and led to the revolution, you know you think of Castro in a whole different way.”

“I think that the Cubans have a tremendous sense of pride over his legacy, and I think that he will be remembered fondly,” Rivera predicted.

The video montage may be viewed here.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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