Q: What does America need next? A: ‘A Muslim refugee for president’

Q: What does America need next? A: ‘A Muslim refugee for president’
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Observant readers will immediately detect a problem with the demand in the headline, which was made recently by social justice warriors at George Washington University. To wit: According to the U.S. Constitution, the President of the United States must be natural-born citizen of the nation, which leaves out refugees.

Not to worry, though. Participants in the three-day summit, titled “Creative Time Summit: Occupy the Future,” came up with a list of descriptions for future commanders-in-chief that met the eligibility requirement noted above. Among these were:

  • a Native American (that’s American Indian to you);
  • a dyke;
  • someone who has redefined their gender and sexual identity and spoken up for their rights and committed civil disobedience and sees the flag as a work in progress;
  • someone who had an abortion at sixteen.

(Another contender — some who walked hundreds of miles across a desert and swam across a river to be here — sounds suspiciously like a rough-and-ready definition of an illegal alien, which would be disqualified for the same reason as the Muslim refugee.)

The summit, Campus Reform notes, ended in front of the White House two Sundays ago with an “updated reading of ‘I want a president…,’ a ‘collective reading project’ devised in 1992 by artist and activist Zoe Leonard. Here is the original:

I want a president who

It is anybody’s guess whether any of the types on this list will be elected any time soon, if ever, though, ironically, the next president will probably possess all three of the undesirable traits described in the last line of the document.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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