Illegal women urged by dating site’s billboard: Don’t get deported, ‘get a Sugar Daddy’

Illegal women urged by dating site’s billboard: Don’t get deported, ‘get a Sugar Daddy’

You have to love it when people try to get all up in Donald Trump’s face.  Whenever they do, they just keep exposing what the liberal left really is.

A dating site,, put up a billboard that’s been generating controversy in Austin, Texas.  CBS Austin puts it this way:

The advertisement hints undocumented immigrants should join the dating site to avoid deportation.

That’s one way to phrase it.  The billboard puts it more bluntly:

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Undocumented Immigrant?

Before You Get Deported Get a SUGAR DADDY

The image of the young woman on the billboard seems to clarify that the site’s message is not about agricultural subsidies for the grain industry.

This very pointed advertisement might seem like perpetuating a stereotype.  But the dating site’s CMO explains that it’s really a playful slap at Trump.

Jacob Webster, the online’s site CMO says he decided to run the ad “in response to Donald Trump’s promise to deport all 11 million of the nation’s undocumented immigrants.”

“ skews heavily towards Hispanic women, with that demo making up over 31% of all the females on our site nationally and over 53% in Austin,” said Webster.

Take that, Mr. Trump.  Of course, CBS says some people aren’t having a sense of humor about the implication that “undocumented” Hispanic women need sugar daddies.  So demeaning to the Dreamers who sneak into America to become jurists and astrophysicists.    Who’s speaking up for them?

CBS reports that “Even though did not mean the billboard to seem racist, many are questioning the provocative message.”

In theory, it’s not clear how ArrangementFinders squirms out of this one.  Even if the billboard isn’t racist, it’s got to be sexist, right?  At the very least, it’s in poor taste.

But there’s a good chance ArrangementFinders won’t have to take the billboard down or apologize.  Nobody on the left really cares, unless Trump himself gets caught saying something like this.  If that were to happen, we’d never hear the end of it.

So, it’s confirmed: liberals trying to show up Donald Trump are racist, sexist hypocrites, who are just fine with undermining the rule of law by urging women to find sugar daddies so they can get around it.

Trump and his voters want women to come to America legally, and want people across the board to make law-abiding choices about their lives.  But they’re the “deplorable” ones in this scenario.

Cade Pelerine

Cade Pelerine

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