Viral O’Keefe video shows Dem organizers condoning vote fraud – so Twitter blocks O’Keefe

Viral O’Keefe video shows Dem organizers condoning vote fraud – so Twitter blocks O’Keefe
(Screen grab of Project Veritas video via Facebook)

And Twitter wonders why their stock is in freefall.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has a new video out, in which Democratic field organizers acknowledge that they (a) are treating Republican and Democratic voting registrants differently, and (b) are fine with ripping up Republican voter registrations, which people have completed in good faith, and tossing them, instead of turning them in to the voting authorities as they’re supposed to.

Examples of these stellar passages include a Hillary campaign coordinator in the following interchange with an O’Keefe videographer:

[Trevor LaFauci, Hillary campaign (TL)] The only thing we’ve kind of added is if someone registers as a Democrat, we also have the option of letting them to register to vote by mail.

So if they register Democrat we say great…offering folks the opportunity to vote by mail. So they just fill out this form as well and we keep it.

[PVA videographer (PVA)]  What happened if they register as Republicans?

[TL] Yah… we don’t.

[PVA] We don’t give it to them? [I.e., the vote by mail form.] Okay.

[TL]We are registering them, but not to vote by mail.

[PVA] Yeah. Why, is it because it’s easier to…

[TL] Yeah, it’s kind of just like super easy.

Here’s another one.

[PVA] So about the call before, I was ripping up the ballots [registration forms], I told you. So we’re okay with that?

[TL] Yeah.

[PVA] We’re solid? So I’m not going to get in trouble for ripping up the ballots [registration forms]?

[TL] Yeah.

[PVA] Okay, I was really worried.

[TL] Yeah, no, I appreciate you telling me.

[PVA] Okay. Are you going to report it? Are you going to report it at all?

[TL] [Shakes head “no.”]

[PVA] No? OK, yeah, I got three Trump ballots [registration forms] in a row and something in me snapped.  I just couldn’t take it.

[TL] Were you at the mall? Where were you?

[PVA] I really forget where I was because every day I was doing VR [voter registration], it was just one of those days and it just like really got me.  So thanks.

[TL] Again, thank you for coming to me, I know it was probably weighing on your conscience for a little bit, so.

[PVA] But are you cool with it?

[TL] Uh, it’s, yeah.  As long as you don’t make a habit.

The video is embedded via a Facebook post below.

O’Keefe had posted a video earlier in which a New York City election commissioner acknowledged how much voting fraud there is, speaking openly of illegals voting and people “being bused around to vote” in different places.  To be clear, the commissioner decried these patterns and endorsed the need for voter identification. He wasn’t condoning vote fraud, by any means.  But his comments certainly damaged the Democratic talking point that voting fraud of this kind is a figment of Republicans’ imagination.

Both Project Veritas videos have gotten a lot of attention.  So Twitter chose Wednesday, 12 Oct, to lock his account.

(Screen grab of O'Keefe Facebook post)
(Screen cap of O’Keefe Facebook post)

O’Keefe has posted video proof of the lockout here.

Twitter would no doubt say this has nothing to do with the political implications of the information he has posted.  A lot of people see it differently, as indicated by the comments at his Facebook post announcing that he’s been sent to Twitter jail.


J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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