Hillary basically disappears from the campaign trail this month

Hillary basically disappears from the campaign trail this month

When was the last time a presidential candidate spent the month of October resting in seclusion and avoiding the campaign trail?

The answer to that would be “never.”

But that’s what it looks like Hillary Clinton is going to do.  Jay Michaels at American Thinker looked over her schedule, and reports back on just how light it is.  The second debate with Donald Trump is Sunday night, but after that, Hillary has only two days with scheduled events, and the third debate on October 19.  She’ll be at events in Detroit and Columbus on October 10, and she’ll be at a fundraiser in San Francisco on the 13th. (Not sure that really counts, since fundraisers are invitation fish fries and not really public events.)

This is quite unusual.  Says Michaels:

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The failure to campaign in October is without precedent in any American presidential election in living memory.  Even in 1944, FDR, in failing health and confined to his wheelchair, campaigned vigorously in October.

Ever the skeptic, Michaels thinks Hillary may be trying to hide something from prying eyes.

No chance for the cameras to catch her chronic cough, her exotropia (failure of her eyes to converge when looking outward), her dyskinesia (involuntary head movements in response to lights and noise), her tremors, her freezes, her falls.  And she’ll have plenty of time to take drug holidays – structured treatment interruptions – to increase the effectiveness of her medications when she resumes treatment just before a debate.

He may be onto something, since this isn’t the first stretch Hillary has gone with hardly any public appearances.  Heat Street noticed in September that there wasn’t much on her upcoming calendar.

Both Michaels and Emily Zanotti point out that Hillary is represented by stand-ins at a lot of events in between her rare outings.  Whether it’s daughter Chelsea, husband Bill, or colleagues like Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders, there are folks out there keeping the noise going for the Hillary campaign.  Even cast members from the old West Wing series came out in September to stump for Hillary.

All that surrogate representation can make it seem like there’s more going on than there is.  Hillary is also in the news every day because of the constant stream of new details about her past misdeeds.  It takes some thought to realize that she’s not actually out there being a normal candidate.  The media doesn’t mention it.  We hear about how many days it’s been since she held a press conference, but we don’t hear that she’s not having press conferences because she actually isn’t going anywhere or doing anything.

The MSM will let her get away with just about anything, apparently.  It’s weird to be so out of the loop with just a little over a month to the election.  It’s not like she’s got it in the bag either.  There doesn’t seem to be any normal explanation for her absence from the campaign trail.  Makes you wonder how even a Donald Trump presidency could be weirder than having Hillary holed up in the White House, refusing to come out.

Cade Pelerine

Cade Pelerine

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