Image of the Day: What’s that curious rectangular bulge under Hillary’s jacket?

Image of the Day: What’s that curious rectangular bulge under Hillary’s jacket?
Image: PBS video screen grab

Yes, I know: poor Hillary. She doesn’t cheat or lie, and she’s not sick. So why doesn’t everyone just leave her alone for cripe’s sake?

OK, I promise. No more columns about her secrecy or illness … so long as she answers the question that forms the title of this post.

It is hard to miss, frankly: a squarish object affixed to her back that became visible only after the debate as she and Bubba did some glad-handing with audience members.


Some observers have theorized that it might be part of a radio setup with her handlers backstage, who are pumping information to her through an earpiece. That is of course verboten under debate rules.

It’s also unlikely since some blogs have noted previous instances of similar objects attached to Clinton’s back.

One possibility is that it is a delivery system for some medication, perhaps diazepam, that she is still taking to treat her seizures.

Whatever it is, Team Clinton is not saying, which leaves Americans who want and deserve anwers about their presidential candidates with no option but to speculate.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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