For ‘Villain Day,’ HS students dress up as Hitler, slave master, and … cop?

For ‘Villain Day,’ HS students dress up as Hitler, slave master, and … cop?
Image: WREG video screen grab

Never mind that a school allowed, much less sanctioned, a “Villain Day,” which sounds like an invitation to hate. What’s especially troubling to this writer is the “villain” costume that at least one student chose to don was a cop’s uniform.

CBS affiliate WREG explains that the school’s intention was to permit students to dress up as their favorite comic book bad guys, but that the premise was taken “too far.”

In a video report on the event, which kicked off Bartlett High School’s homecoming week, many of the parents interviewed were most outraged by the Hitler costume. Parent Sherita Miller told reporters that “the Hitler person was standing in the building of Bartlett High and saluting.” Parent Dan Talley agreed:

The kid dressed in the Hitler, to me that is just totally out of line for this day and age and for everything that is happening.

None of the parents seemed visibly upset by the student dressed as a cop, though according to the video, school officials asked the student in question to change “because that costume caused disruption to the learning environment.”

It would be nice to know what exactly that means. Is the school saying that the costume would have been a disruption because grouping police with historical villains is misguided, or that the disruption would have arisen from strongly held but opposing views of the police?

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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