We are the Deplorables: Let’s wear the label with pride

We are the Deplorables: Let’s wear the label with pride

What do Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Henri Matisse have in common? If you answered that they were all Frenchmen, you are correct. If you are answered that they were all leading artists in their day you are more correct. But you are most correct of all — at least for the purposes of the present discussion — if you said they were all members of art movements whose names were assigned to them by critics who failed to understand their work and intended the names as insults.

I mention all of this by way of introducing the Deplorables, a group of Americans who are sick to death of—

  • Barack Obama and his legions of whiners,
  • social justice warfare
  • all the liberal illnesses modern Democrats have visited on the nation.

Like the Impressionsists, Fauves, and others, the epithet “deplorables” was intended as an insult by the group’s current chief critic, Hillary Clinton, who Benny Huang aptly characterized in a column this morning as “an unindicted felon (perjurer, obstructer of justice).”

In her condemnation of the “half of Donald Trump supporters” whom she pigeonholes as belonging in a “basket of deplorables,” Clinton rattled off a laundy list of insults, including two — homophobic and Islamophobic — that the Left invented.

What all of these labels share in common is (1) the ease with which liberals apply them (criticize anything Barack Obama has said ever, and you are automatically branded a racist), and (2) the cluelessness the labels bespeak. Take as an example the charge of so-called “transphobia,” a label I suspect was absent from Hillary’s list purely out of indolence. Transphobia includes opposition to “freeing” toilets and changing rooms to all comers on the basis of gender preference. The argument against allowing men into women’s dressing rooms — even those who claim they are “women” — is right there in the libs’ own playbook, under the heading “Safe Spaces.” Think about it: It is perfectly reasonable for a collegian to be microaggressed by a memorial to the 3,000 innnocent Americans who died on 9/11 but not for a woman to complain when a biological male walks in on her in a state of undress.

I could go on in a similar vein about Democrats’ own racist, sexist, and other “-ist” tendencies, but suffice it to say that my goal here isn’t to quibble with them but to bury them.

I say we adopt the label and wear it with pride.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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