Obama admin rule forces doctors to perform sex-reassignment surgery on children

Obama admin rule forces doctors to perform sex-reassignment surgery on children
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It’s always been his way or the highway. And since Barack Obama’s way has always embraced whatever radically liberal position is the cause célèbre du jour, Americans who harbor traditional values have lived in a steady state of jaw-dropping shock during the eight years of his presidency.

The latest decree by his administration will leave readers and all sane Americans aghast once again.

Via the New York Post:

The Department of Health and Human Services recently issued rules telling doctors they can’t decline to perform gender-reassignment surgery on kids if it’s recommended by a “mental health professional.” Refusal could be a career-ender.


On top of that, the rule also orders private insurers and employers to cover the procedures — even though Medicare and Medicaid, which HHS oversees, don’t.

The most amazing aspect of this pronouncement is that it comes on the heels of a battery of new scientific studies that find among other things:

  • Sex-reassigned individuals are about five times more likely to attempt suicide and about 19 times more likely to die by suicide.
  • Only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood.
  • “Sexual orientation” in adolescents is “fluid over the life course for some people, with one study estimating that as many as 80 percent of male adolescents who report same-sex attractions no longer do so as adults.”
  • The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically fixed property of human beings – the idea that people are ‘born that way’ – is not supported by scientific evidence.

So much for the “party of science.”

Ideology aside, the decree should be an affront to all citizens of this country based on its sheer absoluteness and defiance of the Constitution Obama swore twice to uphold and defend.

The Post article notes that the rule has been challenged legally by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which remains undefeated before the Supreme Court and has won four cases when going up against the Obama administration.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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