Tweet of the Day: CNN slips, allows its ‘racism’ to show

Tweet of the Day: CNN slips, allows its ‘racism’ to show

Let’s do some word association. I say black. You say…? I can’t fill in the blank because, as a conservative, whatever I write will be deemed racist by any liberal who happens to read this post.

I can tell you one word I wouldn’t use, and that’s felon. It would take quite the bigot to hear black and make the leap to felon.

That is, it would take CNN. Over the weekend, the cable news network sought to catch out Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in an inconsistency. In so doing, the network revealed its true colors.

Here is an article published by Ashley Killough, a political producer, and Karl de Vries, Politics Breaking News Editor. The headline reads “Trump wants GOP to court black voters — then slams voting rights for felons.”

A tweet of the headline was first picked up on by T. Becket Adams and retweeted by Instapundit:

Do I know what they really meant? Of course. Would blacks and their liberal enablers be as ready to acknowledge the intended meaning of such a statement if it were made by a conservative? Of course not.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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