Black Lives Matter organizer will not vote for Hillary, says Dems pay ‘lip service to black community’

Black Lives Matter organizer will not vote for Hillary, says Dems pay ‘lip service to black community’

The black community may at last be waking up and smelling the reality. Last Tuesday, the pastor of an historically black church in Charlotte, N.C., said his congregation would be supporting Donald Trump, noting that Hillary Clinton and the initiatives Democrats have pushed for decades have actually dealt severe damage to black America.

The following day, a column appeated at the website of PBS News Hour, authored by a Black Lives Matter activist who expressed disdain for the Democratic Party for not having a radical enough agenda.

Arielle Newton, an organizer with Black Lives Matter NYC, declared that she would be voting for Green Party Candidate Jill Stein. She urged the black community to “break the two party system.”

“As a radical black militant,” Newton wrote, “this presidential election is best characterized as a tyrannical pageant of white fear.”

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Newton claimed that the Democratic Party is “a master of reformist performance.” She said that although the Democratic Party says it cares about the black community, they only offer “half measures.”

“But the Democratic Party pays lip service to the black community, and does not represent any transformative pathway to wholehearted racial justice or black liberation,” Newton said.

Newton said that Democrats in power would not enact radical enough policies, especially in terms of law enforcement policies.

“The Democratic establishment will never call for the abolition of law enforcement or economic reparations for black bodies; instead they’ll call for police­-worn body cameras and (maybe) “independent” oversight,” Newton wrote.

Newton went on to say that the Democratic Party would never view the Palestinians as an oppressed group or hold the government of Israel responsible for it, something she took issue with.

“They will never view Palestinians as an oppressed, disenfranchised people and place righteous, unapologetic blame on the government of Israel,” Newton continued.

Recently, a Black Lives Matter platform claimed that Israel practiced “systematic discrimination.” The platform also accused Israel of being an apartheid state.

Newton also said that her dislike of the Democratic Party did not mean that she endorsed the Republican Party; she called it a “nativist institution” that protects rich, straight white men.

Nevertheless, it implies a level playing field, which conservatives should welcome.

This report, by Amber Randall, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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