When the comments to an article invoking outrage are better than the article

When the comments to an article invoking outrage are better than the article
Corey Cogdell taking aim (Image: YouTube screen grab via GOnraMedia)

We live in fractious times, and if you’re looking for proof, Exhibit A is an article at Mediaite tearing the Chicago Tribune a new one for a tweet that many people find sexist.

The tweet points back to an article about Olympian Corey Cogdell, who won a bronze medal for the U.S. in women’s trap shooting this past Sunday. (Yes, trap shooting is an Olympic sport.)

Without further ado, here’s the tweet:

And here’s the rub: The reference to Cogdell as someone’s “wife” strikes some as pretty dismissive, even if the someone is a player for the wildly popular (in Chicago) Bears.

I see their point; it’s hard not to. If nothing else, the tweet is guilty of the journalistic dereliction of misplaced emphasis. (The headline of the article at the Trib’s website — which reads “Corey Cogdell, wife of Bears lineman Mitch Unrein, wins bronze in Rio” — illustrates the problem. Some will still take issue with the identification of Cogdell as the less-famous spouse of a Bears defensive end, but some will take issue with anything.)

Mediaite provides a cross-section of the finger-wagging reactions on Twitter, and some are pretty good. I especially like this one:

But the best part of this admittedly minor kerfuffle comes in the comments section. Here are a couple that are typical:

tj1tj • 14 hours ago

Is anybody surprised by this?
The chicago tribune is a right-wing rag

dmainnyc • 15 hours ago

Jeez. Such ginned up outrage. It’s a Chicago paper and the Bears are big there. Anyone clicking the link would get the full story including her name.


It doesn’t take long before politics and personality enter the picture:

Philip Buzter • 16 hours ago

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on now, you chauvinist pigs, let’s cut the little lady some slack here. If she’s delighted to have won a medal (what was it, bronze or zinc or something?) at the Olympics, good for her. Ok, OK. It’s not the 100 meter dash, but you try crap shooting some time. It ain’t easy. I’ve been in a lot of situations where whatever I did it was basically a crap shoot. What? Oh. Trap shoot. Ok. Sorry. Whatever.

One day she’ll be able to tell her young son or daughter, or both, “Honey, look what mommy won at the Olympics. A medal.” “What was your event, mom?” “I was in the trap shooting.” “Mom.” “Yes, dear.” “What the f*** is trap shooting?”

Yeah, that will hurt a little. But you know, you’ll always have your medal. So, I say go for it, lady. Go for it.

D-Reactor Philip Buzter • 3 hours ago

She won that medal for America, you unpatriotic, sexist, worthless piece of sh!t. You Trump-voting pathetic loser. No wonder morons like you support a delussional sexist pig like Trump. You Trumpbots are beginning to show to the world that America is the last thing on your mind. Scmucks like you are voting for that crooked and fraudulent Trump only because of his openly racist and sexist stand. So stop pretending you morons are patriotic.

Ricky Rick D-Reactor • 13 minutes ago

He had an opinion and he gave it with a little comedy. Your intolerance is exactly what I despise about Trump voters.

Or before the thread goes off topic — and the rails — entirely:

guns are bad

Blackadder csteve • 14 hours ago

Then don’t buy one.

Blackadder csteve • 14 hours ago

csteve Blackadder • 14 hours ago

Don’t tell me what to do.

Then you get the philosophical angle:

Yes, this is sexist–not of course the very fact that the event is WOMEN’S Trap Shooting.

But that they’re ok with.

And then, finally, the attacks on the messenger itself:

This is why anyone who is anyone should just get the f off twitter. You have a platform invented for short, informal statements. And then when you use it as intended, the twitter trolls come out in full force – the limpdicked* army they are. This is like a headline that read “Fire breaks out in N Chicago suburb” and folks getting bent that the town name wasn’t mentioned. My god. Solve a real phucking problem, already.

Then again, that final suggestion may be just what the nation needs.

Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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