The ‘Clinton Zombies’ are at it again!

The ‘Clinton Zombies’ are at it again!

Do you consult social media to see what’s trending, what person is in deep doo-doo today, or what new item is all the rage?

Looking at today’s feed on various media, I notice many swipes at Donald Trump for his mounting(?) scandals, failed businesses, people he screwed out of money/jobs, alleged suppression of someone’s freedom of speech, or nude pictures of his wife.

At first I thought they were talking about the Clintons, but when I saw no mention of emails, the trail of dead bodies, or the many lives of women ruined by Mr. before and during his tenure as philanderer-in-chief, I knew it either wasn’t the Clintons: That or the “journalists” responsible for the stories ran out of column inches.

I call these people “Clinton Zombies.” And I use the word zombies not to make fun of others — including real zombies — but because in this instances it fits.

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Depending on which dictionary you check, the formal definition of zombie is “a reanimated corpse,” “a person who moves very slowly and is not aware of what is happening,” or “a creature that eats the brains of the living to refuel.”

Clinton Zombies have no taste — or use — for brains, but they do suck the life out of you.

These posts, though having some element of truth in them (as most lies do), seem to be calling Trump out for the same thing the Clintons times a factor of twenty.

One Zombie posting intimated that the DNC emails upturned in the recent Wikileaks dump were a right-wing conspiracy and not real. It’s an interesting theory insofar as the release of the emails prompted mucho apologies and at least one high-level resignation. But not to worry. Having all the qualifications Democrats looks for in a leader, Hillary Clinton saw the value in Debbie Wasserman Schultz and hired her within the hour after her DNC resignation, thus lowering the unemployment rate again by 3 points (just trying to use the president’s math!)

Another Zombie posted that Trump wanted to make it against the law for newspapers to knowingly print a lie, thereby squelching free speech. The Dem twist fails again. What he said was if a news outlet prints something that it knows to be false, then the person defamed by the story should be able to sue. And that’s bad how?

Yet another Zombie offering cheerfully reported that Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she was basically going to find a way to prosecute climate change deniers. No free speech infringement there, I guess!

This Obama administration has a whole “department” whose focus is to keep things from the press. Kirsten Powers, an Obama defender, said that she was told by Rahm Emmanuel that they had every right to exclude Fox News from briefings because Fox is not a legitimate news source. That should send a chill down your spine. The president and his acolytes get to decide who is privy to news from the White House and who is not! (At one of those briefings, realizing that it could happen to any news source, an NBC news reporter asked for comment and got the canned response that “President Obama stands behind his team.” So President Obama is all in on free speech bans. G-r-reat!)

“Trump won’t release his tax return; what is he hiding?” is another popular Zombie meme. Hmmm. Countless questions and concerns have been raised over errors and “misreporting” on Clinton Foundation tax returns, yet these hold little interest for the Zombies. Ditto for the transcripts of Hillary’s speeches to Goldman Sachs or her medical records, which might provide some insight into why she is falling down so much.

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

Joe Messina is host of the syndicated radio show "The Real Side."


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