BLM rejects cookout invite from police: ‘I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them’

BLM rejects cookout invite from police: ‘I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them’

Not all social plans work out, it seems.

LU’s Howard Portnoy posted earlier today about a cookout in Wichita at which members of the local black community joined the police for some food and fellowship.  Wichitans seemed pleased by the event, but Black Lives Matter D.C. made haste to repudiate it.  The cookout was “not in accordance with [their] principles.”

On Wednesday, protesters from BLM in Oakland clarified just how much their principles differ from those of the folks in Wichita.

The Oakland Police, inspired by the Kansas cookout, invited the local BLM chapter – which has been protesting outside the police union headquarters for most of the last several weeks – to join them in a barbecue.  According to the local Fox 2 news team, the response was basically the BLM version of “Not only no, but hell, no!”

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At Wednesday’s divest from the police demonstration held at Oakland’s Police Union headquarters, where activists U-locked and chained themselves to the building’s doors, KTVU’s Henry Lee spoke with Karissa Lewis, a self-described “black-liberal farmer” and protester with Black Lives Matter. She was asked if she would accept the OPD’s offer.

Her answer: “Barbecue’s [sic] aren’t going to stop the brutality that black folks are facing. A barbecue is definitely not going to stop this blockade. And as a radical-black farmer from East Oakland— I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.”

At the end of the video spot, Lee confirmed to the anchors in the Fox 2 studio that the other BLM protesters at the scene seemed to agree with Ms. Lewis.

The BLM group was using the “mic check” (or “human microphone”) tactic popularized by the Occupy movement several years ago, and Lee said the protesters enthusiastically chanted with Lewis against the barbecue invitation from the police.

The “eating pigs” theme has been a persistent one with Black Lives Matter, as seen in the video of BLM protesters chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!” at the Minnesota state fair in August 2015.

But the young man interviewed in the news spot below, from the Minnesota state fair protest, seemed to suggest cops should chill out.

It definitely wasn’t a threat, you know, I don’t know if they would have received it differently if we’d have said maybe “on a stick” or something like that…

BLM’s Karissa Lewis, on the other hand, didn’t offer any points in extenuation or mitigation of her bald statement: “I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.”

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