Image of the Day: Sign supporting police is vulgar and racist? How

Image of the Day: Sign supporting police is vulgar and racist? How
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“‘Hate Cops?’ billboard causes uproar in Indiana” reads the headline of a post by Fox News. At first blush, you might suppose that the sign encourages hatred of police and that the uproar comes from law-abiding citizens who appreciate the job that police do.

And you would be wrong. The sign is in fact supportive of police. It reads, “Hate cops? The next time you need help call a crackhead.”

The sign is certainly very direct and to the point. But one resident of Muncie, the city where the billboard appears, has called it “vulgar,” “discriminatory,” and “covertly racist.” She has mounted a one-woman crusade to get the sign removed.

Her name is Megan Thomas, and she posted the following on here Facebook page:

Apparently, Thomas’s post has prompted some head-scratching because the first comment under it is by her and reads:

In regards to my fellow white people wondering why this is racist, please let me address that. First, white people get to be meth and coke heads or junkies. ‘Crackheads’ is a term reserved for black addicts, and this isn’t up for debate. Secondly, Muncie is supposedly the Meth capital of the country. They chose not to say MethHead for a deliberate reason- racism. Third, there was a BlackLivesMatter peaceful rally at the fieldhouse today coincidentally the same day this sign debuted. Fourth, the entire reason for the Black Lives Matter movement is the fact that every 28 hours a black person is killed by police in this country….

The post rambles on in this fashion for another hundred words or so, but you get the message. It’s not only the sign’s implied support of the police that has her exercised. It seems to be white people as a whole.

Which may explain the message in the banner at the top of the page, which reads “F*ck White Supremacy.”

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