‘Daily Show’ accuses Donald Trump, Jr. of plagiarizing RNC speech; just one problem

‘Daily Show’ accuses Donald Trump, Jr. of plagiarizing RNC speech; just one problem
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This apparently is the new normal for the mainstream media for the remainder of the Republican National Convention: Find the source of the plagiarized speech.

After seemingly catching Melania Trump lifting words from a speech by Michelle Obama, crafty Democrats and other liberals are waiting to pounce. The latest pouncee is Donald Trump, Jr., who spoke last night.

No sooner had his stemwinder concluded than the sleuths over at Comedy Central were poring over the transcript, looking for the smoking gun. The geniuses at “The Daily Show” eventually found it: The speech bore striking similarities to a piece written by conservative author F.H. Buckley.

The crew joyfully shared its prize on Twitter:

No sooner had the post gone up than high-fives began pouring in from the “tolerant Left.” (Warning: Profanity)

But the guffaws were short-lived. As Mediaite’s Josh Feldman notes, “It turns out … Buckley helped write the speech”:

Fear not. A fresh cadre of liberal morons will be back at it tonight, examining every speaker’s words through a magnifying glass.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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