Dem congressman wants to ban rifles with ‘barrel shrouds’ but doesn’t know what they do

Dem congressman wants to ban rifles with ‘barrel shrouds’ but doesn’t know what they do

Friday morning “Fox and Friends” host Tucker Carlson interviewed Congressman [score]David Cicilline[/score] (D-R.I.), a fierce advocate for stricter gun laws. The two began their discussion about the recent Democratic House sit-in and eventually shifted to the Cicilline’s proposal for an assault weapons ban. The congressman listed the components of a weapon that made it an “assault weapon” but had no idea of the function of what he wants to ban.

According to Cicilline, a barrel shroud is one of the elements that make a rifle an assault weapon. But when pressed on what a barrel shroud does, he kept evading the question. (For the record, a barrel shroud is a safety feature that slips over that the barrel of a rifle to prevent the person handling the weapon from burning himself on the hot barrel.)

Call me crazy, but don’t you think that someone pushing for a ban on something should know what he is seeking to banish?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Ultimately, Cicilline is calling for weapon-related bans because they sound good in a political campaign, not because it will prevent terrorists from carrying out their murderous acts. In fact, when Carlson points out that none of the anti-Second Amendment bills proposed by the Democrats would have prevented the massacre in Orlando,  Cicilline responded that it doesn’t matter.

Below is a clip of the exchange:

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

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