Wait till you see what those cuties at CAIR came up with to ‘cure hatred toward Muslims’

Wait till you see what those cuties at CAIR came up with to ‘cure hatred toward Muslims’

You gotta hand it to CAIR, (which I believe stands for Committee of Arab ISIS Recruiters). Those clever rascals have invented a make-believe product intended to cure Islamophobia. They have gone so far as to create a mock commercial for it.

The product is called Islamophobin, and it is dispensed as tablets in the kind of package that cold tablets are often sold in.

The video, which follows, shows the sort of over-the-top reaction that CAIR and its enablers on the Left ascribe to conservatives.

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What good, clean fun from a bunch of harmless kidders! Maybe their next venture can be a pill that eliminates the desire of some “peaceful” Muslims to blow up Americans, an example being the “death to America” threats made by a deranged creature captured on video outside a terminal at LAX. Before the woman was detained by authorities — after being allowed to enter the terminal unimpeded because she was wearing a hijab — she shared her considered opinion that the U.S. is evil because we “allow lesbian and gay” [sic].

Speaking of lesbians and gays, the LGBT community certainly appears to have the notions of good and evil worked out. On Sunday, at New York City’s annual gay pride parade, which fell exactly one week after the Orlando nightclub shootings carried out in the name of Allah, some of the marchers carried this sign:

Maybe CAIR can also come up with a med to cure what ails them.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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