Unequal injustice and the racial/ethnic balkanization we’re not going to take anymore

Unequal injustice and the racial/ethnic balkanization we’re not going to take anymore
"Racists" gallery. (Images; Trump -- Screen grab of FBN video; Curiel -- Wikipedia)

A comprehensive objection to where we are in regard to the Trump-Mexican judge kerfuffle has been percolating in my brain for several days.  A number of conservative writers have tried to address this big subject – here and here too – but without fully satisfying my thinking process, at this grand inflection point in human history.  We need to be thinking bigger.

Here’s a start.  Daniel Greenfield has a nice “counterfactual” theme going over at FrontPage, so that’s what we’re going to take up here.

Strap in.

When lawyers of “white,” northern European descent got together and formed an association called The Race Lawyers of San Diego, onlookers broke into a golf clap, assuming that these enterprising folks were just celebrating their heritage and hoping to boost people like themselves through the legal profession.  Everyone thought it was great.  White European racial pride!  A hand up to young people of pallor.  A way for “white Europeans” in America to mix, mingle, and advance the interests of “their people.”

Public scolds assured us all that there was nothing divisive or balkanizing about this move.  It was no more politically freighted than having a party and serving shepherd’s pie, crumpets, and schnitzel.

Or…wait.  No, if “white Europeans” had tried that, they’d all be living in hiding somewhere, their properties condemned and their children unable to get jobs or open bank accounts with decent, God-fearing companies.

No, it was “Hispanic” lawyers who started the organization calling itself The Race Lawyers of San Diego, with everyone under a societal compulsion to think that was great.

When lawyers of “Middle Eastern” descent used their association to award a scholarship to an Egyptian Arab law student who had overstayed his visa by, oh, call it four years, onlookers were sympathetic.  Our immigration laws are stupid and inconvenient for immigrants, after all, and who can keep up with someone’s immigration status?  Certainly not an association of lawyers.

Stupid, inconvenient laws are made to be broken, especially by attractive, sympathetic young people.  Why should anyone, even a bunch of lawyers, feel constrained to give scholarship money only to people who are in the country legally?  Every right-thinking person must agree that young Muhamad should not be punished for failing to keep up with laws that are stupid and cruel.

No, wait.  That didn’t happen either.  It was the members of The Hispanic Race Lawyers of San Diego who made an award to an “undocumented” Hispanic law student.  That’s what we’re all expected to be satisfied with.

Muhamad is probably just a terrorist.  (He’d be much better off calling CAIR, actually.  His get-out-of-jail-free card is a different one.)

When lawyers of “Asian” descent issued a press release from the Asian National Bar Association, calling for the boycott of a black entrepreneur who had made offensive comments about “Asians” in public, no one batted an eyelid.  Some people even cheered them on.  In fact, when the black entrepreneur was sued over a business matter, and the judge presiding in his case turned out to be a Chinese-American member of the Asian National Bar Association, everyone thought that was perfectly reasonable.

Of course the judge would rule impartially, and had no need to recuse himself.  It would be racist and dishonorable to suggest otherwise.  When the black entrepreneur complained that he wasn’t getting a fair shake, the entire media and political establishment rose up to call him a racist.

It was just like any other situation, such as a member of the White European National Bar Association presiding over the case of a non-White-European who had made offensive comments about White Europeans.  Everybody agrees that judges are incorruptibly impartial in these circumstances.

Except – no.  That didn’t happen either.  It was the members of the Hispanic National Bar Association who called for a boycott of Donald Trump’s businesses.  It was a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association who found himself presiding over a lawsuit against one of Trump’s businesses.

And when Trump complained, he was the one called a racist by the entire media and political establishment – for noticing what members of the Hispanic National Bar Association and The Race Lawyers of San Diego, like Judge Gonzalo Curiel, are at pains to point out about themselves.

Stop it.  Now.

No more pretending, people.  The time has come to speak the unvarnished truth.  Race-baiting is an industry in this country, and it keeps on going because we have actually institutionalized incentives for it.  It’s a big scam now, with specialized rules, both written and unwritten.  Scammers play particular cards and expect to scoop up very real winnings at other people’s expense.

The problem is certainly not peculiar to “Hispanics” (whatever those are).  Hispanics just happen to be the ones involved in the Trump case.  No, everyone out there purporting to organize against “racial” or “ethnic” victimization is exactly the same thing, whether they’re La Raza or CAIR or New Black Panthers or the KKK.  They all buck for special privileges – special immunity to the equal rule of law – based on incidental human distinctions.

Time to throw the BS flag on all of it.  The whole point of America is that incidental human distinctions are not a reason for unequal treatment by law and government.  They’re not a reason for social groups to organize against each other either.  They’re not a valid trigger for public rituals of incantation and shunning, like what we see this week from the media and the political establishment.

Once again, Trump – jerk though he may be, and as inadvertently as he may do it – has exposed our terminally self-destructive BS for what it is.

Bonus point: what would Jesus do?  He wouldn’t endorse breaking the law, and he wouldn’t start by basing his decisions on a big, fat, sanctimonious-sounding lie about what the motive was.  He would deal strictly in the truth, and require everyone else to.

Just cut the crap, America.  Cut it now.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer is a retired Naval Intelligence officer who lives in Southern California, blogging as The Optimistic Conservative for domestic tranquility and world peace. Her articles have appeared at Hot Air, Commentary’s Contentions, Patheos, The Daily Caller, The Jewish Press, and The Weekly Standard.

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