In the market for baby body parts? Here’s what they cost

In the market for baby body parts? Here’s what they cost

Following the recent congressional hearing on the illegal sale of baby body parts, the media failed to report that certain body parts are worth more than others, according to orders, receipts, and bills  All are worth more than the same parts for choice cuts of beef, lamb, and some pork.

What is more is that the companies that do the dissection (such as StemExpress, one of the providers of service to Planned Parenthood) are the ones reaping the profit from the sale of dead baby’s body parts — not the parents, who, if they were ghoulish, enough can make a small fortune.

Here is how much parents could earn if they sold their baby’s body parts themselves:

  • Fetal brain: $3,340
  • Baby skull matched to upper and lower limbs: $595
  • Upper and lower limbs with hands and feet: $890.


The diagram below , courtesy of the Daily Signal, visualizes how much each area of a baby’s body is worth:


It’s not that different from this diagram, except for the price per part, which runs considerably more:


The difference between purchasing livestock and babies is that the federal government regulates the sale of livestock while funding the processing and purchase of baby bodies, tissue, and organs.

Anyone can buy cows, lambs, or pigs at livestock auctions or from individual breeders and/or producers, and have a local butcher kill and cut up the animal.

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Bethany Blankley

Bethany Blankley

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