#ShoutYourStatus: Latest group of ‘victims’ takes to social media

#ShoutYourStatus: Latest group of ‘victims’ takes to social media
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“Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud,” sang James Brown in 1968. The notion of group pride was expanded over the next several years to include gays and lesbians, who staged “pride” marches in major cities throughout the nation.

Now comes the latest protected class to say it loud and say it proud under the umbrella of the hashtag #ShoutYourStatus (which conveniently also happens to be a tongue-twister). So what status are group members proudly announcing? It can’t be something as pedestrian as married-vs.-single — and it’s not.

The common link among those spicing up their tweets with this hashtag is that all have sexually transmitted diseases.

The idea seems to be that having an STD is nothing to be ashamed about, which arguably makes sense to all but the most puritanical. But neither is it something anyone should want to shout to the world.

One individual who seems to have become something of a poster child for the movement tweeted:

That the movement doesn’t seem destined to catch fire is suggested by another tweet, this one from a detractor:

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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