Black ‘victim’ of racism: We are entitled to act this way ‘because of our musicality’

Black ‘victim’ of racism: We are entitled to act this way ‘because of our musicality’
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Perhaps the most revealing observation to come out of this latest accusation of racism is the stereotype-reinforcing notion that black people who seem rowdy to whites are simply acting in accordance with “the color of their skin,” advanced by one of the black complainants. Sounds a little like a declaration of privilege, doesn’t it?

A video posted online by a University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) student shows her berating a bus driver, accusing the driver of racism and committing “microaggressions” after the driver told the student to stop being rowdy on the bus.

The incident apparently occurred Monday night or early Tuesday morning on a local bus route in Madison. A pair of videos uploaded by Twitter user @dawsontheartist shows two parts of a confrontation between a white bus driver and two black women who appear to be UW students. The uploader of the videos appears to be UW-Madison student Jamie Dawson, whose Facebook profile photo is identical to the one used on @dawsontheartist’s Twitter page.

The two videos — both of which, after this post went live, were given protected status by the user and are, hence, no longer viewable — are apparently extracted from a longer five-minute video, which was taken after the bus driver halted the bus and told the two black students to get off for being overly rowdy.

In the first of the two videos, a girl (apparently Dawson) accuses the driver of being racist and not recognizing the “musicality” of their behavior.

#busingwhileblack #therealUW #therealMadison

— Badger in Black (@dawsontheartist) April 5, 2016

“Ma’am, you have to understand that one reason you felt we were being rowdy was because of the color of our skin,” Dawson says to open the video.

“No, it is not,” the driver replies, sparking a spat between the two in which their words overlap.

“The level of musicality that we have…,” Dawson says, before being cut off.

“I do not want to here it,” the driver responds.

“You’re talking over me. That’s a microaggression,” Dawson continues. While the driver objects to further dialogue, Dawson presses ahead. “I’m trying to talk to you. I’m trying to just educate you and, you know, have a good time.”

The video concludes with the driver saying she is “already fine[ly] educated,” though the argument appears to still be ongoing when the video stops.

The second video shows a follow-up conversation at the back of the bus between Dawson and a friend.

I’m dumbfounded. My daily life should not be this difficult. #therealUW #therealMadison

— Badger in Black (@dawsontheartist) April 5, 2016

In this video, the friend claims she confronted the bus driver about whether they were being kicked off the bus for “busing while black.” In response, she claims the driver told her she was an American, not a black person.

“So not only does she invalidate my experience, but she’s calling the police for an experience she is denying,” the friend says. It’s not clear whether the girls were eventually kicked off the bus or not.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Dawson to see if she could supply further context for the confrontation, but has not yet received a reply.

In a follow-up comment on Twitter, Dawson says she plans to report the driver to Madison’s transit department.

Dawson attempted to inject her experience on the bus into a broader movement that is current occurring at UW, dubbed #therealUW. The movement claims that despite UW’s reputation as a very liberal campus in very liberal Madison, the school is actually rife with racism and bigotry.

The movement was given life a week ago after a black student claimed a racist note threatening her life was slid under her door during the night. That incident prompted the school’s vice provost of diversity to publish an 8-minute video in which he denounced the “punk ass” act and compared the deed to events in the South during the Jim Crow era. (Warning: Profanity)

Of Dawson’s 235 tweets, a large proportion of them are concerned with complaining about racism at UW and elsewhere, and occasionally she appears to show little regard for whites. A week ago, for instance, Dawson liked a tweet describing white children as “mini colonizers.”

This report, by Blake Neff, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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