The (maybe not so) shocking measure Germany is taking to ‘protect’ women in public

The (maybe not so) shocking measure Germany is taking to ‘protect’ women in public
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We must hope Americans are learning from the implosion of post-modern Western civilization in Europe.

There can be no doubt now what post-modern society does in the face of challenges to its fabric from disrupters – like Islamists – who have no vested interest in its continuity.  Post-modern Western society gives up its principles and freedoms immediately.  It doesn’t even resist.

We saw a small preview of this over the weekend, when the “March Against Fear” scheduled for Sunday in Brussels was cancelled due to fear.  No bones were made about it; the march was cancelled because of the very thing it was supposed to be a demonstration against.

But a quieter, more significant surrender is reportedly underway in Germany, where a train operator has decided to make an accommodation to the growing threat of public sex assaults on women and children, due to the influx of Muslim migrants – mostly men.

The train line is going to begin having restricted accommodations for women and children.  There will be cars that male passengers aren’t allowed to enter.

A German train operator has announced it is introducing women and children-only train carriages amid fears over sex attacks in the country.

The Regiobahn line between Leipzig and Chemnitz will introduce the carriages to increase security for women.

The carriages will be next to the train conductor in a bid to make women feel more safe.

Naturally, the Regiobahn line says this isn’t about the migrants.  It’s about “increasing security generally.”

The UK Mirror points out that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has floated a similar idea in Britain.

And it’s no accident that it’s Britain’s premier leftist politician who made the suggestion.  Sex-segregated train cars?  Just as if this were 100 years ago and “white males” were “dominating” everyone in sight?  Get used to it.  The left’s “principles” are invariably situational.

Post-modern leftism isn’t about defending principles, such as the vision for a society based on men and women controlling themselves and respecting each other, instead of being physically separated.

No, post-modern leftism is about deploying the claim of principles to attack its Western opponents with.

Wherever people are governed by the post-modern left, their expectations about rights and equality are already being summarily disappointed – and the people get the fun of being berated for their expectations in the bargain.

What’s happening in Germany isn’t a regression to an antique social preference of our own civilization.  It’s a collapse into a de facto, threat-induced segregation of the sexes – an Islamist measure – in a public situation in which Western norms envision more freedom, and a superior quality of behavior.

And consider this.  No one who abjectly gives up on his principles this way has any standing to criticize a different, more robust perspective about Western norms and our rights.  If there are women – and men – who realize that what they really need to do is start carrying sidearms as they go about their daily business in Europe, such people are exercising both good sense and courage.

Of course Europeans should harden themselves, personally, against the threat of assault, which is soaring in many parts of the continent now.  How absurd to think otherwise: to think that a principle of disarmament should be a suicide pact for Western civilization.

It is not better for women to have to ride segregated train cars and be too afraid to go out on the streets in their cities.  It’s not better for the jungle segregation of Islamism to settle by default in Europe’s midst, with all its costs borne by the ordinary people (who include acculturated Muslims alongside everyone else).

One more note.  What happens when aggressive migrants refuse to observe the rules on these train cars?  How will this inadequate “fix” even be administered?  What about men who need special protection from ruthless migrants?

Note well that the organized leadership of today’s West is proactive only when it is going after political incorrectness coming from Westerners.  These infractions are laughably unimportant compared to the destruction of Western civilization taking place before the people’s eyes.  But about the latter, the West’s leaders apparently do not care.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer is a retired Naval Intelligence officer who lives in Southern California, blogging as The Optimistic Conservative for domestic tranquility and world peace. Her articles have appeared at Hot Air, Commentary’s Contentions, Patheos, The Daily Caller, The Jewish Press, and The Weekly Standard.

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