Former feminist explains how the left twists the Bible into a socialist tract

Former feminist explains how the left twists the Bible into a socialist tract

Author, blogger and young Christian leader Chelsen Vicari has a poise, depth, and capacity that betrays her mere age of 28. But just a few years ago, she admits she was a public school-indoctrinated feminist who even believed marriage was a form of slavery.

In this exclusive 17-minute video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, Vicari tells of her transformation to conservatism and championing Christianity as well as her thoughts on the 2016 election.

“Young Christians are confusing individual Christian compassion and the church’s role and responsibilities in public life, with the government providing entitlements and expanding welfare programs,” she says. Faithful supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are just being “lazy Christians” if they think socialism will take care of society’s problems. “We should be doing and acting rather than having the government provide more,” she continues.

She doesn’t approach Sanders acolytes with direct confrontation, instead she listens to her peers and ask questions, requiring supporters to actively think rather than default to passive thought. Her examples include: “Where in the past has socialism actually worked? Do you think that giving the government more responsibility is going to keep our freedoms in tact, and have you seen that in history? Can you show me? Where was religious freedom not oppressed because of socialist governments?”

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As to why evangelicals support Donald Trump, Vicari believes it’s “an over-correction to the Obama administration.” Many Christians, she thinks, are buying into a “the persona of strength” despite the “red flags” of Trump.

Vicari’s job as the evangelical program director for the Institute for Religion and Democracy is to expose and understand the pressures on young Christians who are distorting truth, sin and their faith.

Being one of the first people to expose a large Christian evangelical conference last January for featuring a Black Lives Matter activist who condemned the pro-life movement, Vicari is resolute, while charming, in her condemnation of liberal Christianity.

She describes the pressures on millennials to conform to liberal thought and the coarsened secular culture, saying it twists truth, sin and believers. No one wants to be hurtful to their peers or marginalized, she explains, yet wanting to be compassionate, loving and tolerant weakens the truth of the Christian faith.

“They think they are being compassionate, when in fact, they are just being duped,” she says.

Chelsen Vicari’s blog and her book, “Distortion,” further highlight her journey and accomplishments. She can also be found on Facebook or followed on Twitter @ChelsenVicari.

This report, by Ginni Thomas, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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