The p-word: The latest microaggression appears in this student list of demands

The p-word: The latest microaggression appears in this student list of demands
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Another public university has published a list of demands on the administration. If you’ve been waiting for the list that includes a private jet and $10 million in cash, you’ll have to keep waiting, though not much longer if this list is any indication.

The list was created by the “Student Assembly for Power and Liberation Demands” at Western Washington University, in Bellingham, Wash., and among those demands is the creation of a College of Power and Liberation (CPL). The group also is also demanding cash: $50,000 to cover start-up costs of the CPL and another $45,000 annually to keep it in hose.

Further down on the list comes a more modest demand, though one notable for its spelling of the word person with an in place of the o.

We demand the creation and implementation of a 15 persxn paid student committee, The Office for Social Transformation, to monitor, document, and archive all racist, anti-black, transphobic, cissexist, misogynistic, ablest, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, anti-semitism, and otherwise oppressive behavior on campus. [Emphasis added]

There is no explanation for the spelling, though clearly the word is for some unstated reason too obscene to be written out. I’m not sure how it’s pronounced.

This is a first sighting of what is clearly a new microaggression

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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