Tweet of the Day: Sanders tweets about internet access, gets pwned

Tweet of the Day:  Sanders tweets about internet access, gets pwned
Image: YouTube screen grab (via The Young Turks)

Mention that Democratic socialist presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is 74 years old, and you immediately get slapped down by the PC police for the crime of ageism. Yet there is no getting around the fact that Sanders is getting up in years.

If he wins the November election for president, Sanders will be the oldest man ever to be sworn in as commander in chief. On the day of his inauguration, he will be two years younger than Ronald Reagan was on the day he left office after serving two terms.

Whether you chalk it up to age or some other cause, Sanders’s approach to spreading the wealth in every way imaginable got him into a bit of a pickle yesterday. Earlier this month, Sanders tweeted:

Yesterday, the tweet was answered by someone living in Romania, who pointed out:

As Michael Cantrell observes at Young Conservatives:

Yes, free markets are the only economically viable solution to eradicating poverty. Of course, due to the reality of living in a fallen world, this will never truly be done away with, however, capitalism provides opportunities for more and more wealth to be produced and that means less folks being broke.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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