Obama iconographer evokes Nazism in new viral Sanders logo

Obama iconographer evokes Nazism in new viral Sanders logo

Funny, I had the same reaction “People’s Cube” did when I first saw the logo created by artist Shepard Fairey for Bernie Sanders.

It looks like a Nazi design theme.  The stark, noir background, deep shadows, sinister, supremacist-looking winged creature, iron-cross motif — good grief.

People’s Cube presents a visual comparison.  (See the link for more.)

(Graphic: The People's Cube)
(Graphic: The People’s Cube)

Nazi-Bernie T-shirts are said to be selling briskly.  As Cube notes, there’s no reason to believe Fairey has any penchant for Nazism.  But it’s really so interesting that socialism seems to have only so many ideas in its design-sensibilities bucket.  The Obama “Hope” poster had to look like a depiction of New Soviet Man; now Sanders’ campaign is being iconized with something that would be at home on an outsize banner, hanging from a balcony at a Nazi Party rally.

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The father of lies needs to get some new material.  Meanwhile, we can say this with confidence: no one who flocked to the Obama logo in 2008, or who gathers under the Sanders logo in 2016, resonates to freedom’s waving icon — the star-spangled banner.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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