Video: Cory Booker — only one person qualified as Hillary to be president

Video: Cory Booker — only one person qualified as Hillary to be president
Credit: Grabien (ABC News)

And who might that be? Why it’s none other than the dead white male who happened to be the first president of the United States.

The sad part is that the former Newark mayor turned U.S. senator is not joking. He heaps praise on Mrs. Clinton that is equal parts delusional and hyperbolic

Here, courtesy of Grabien, is Booker on the stump for Clinton. Click this link for the video; a transcript follows:

I am proud, I am proud! That when she was secretary of state, she didn’t just go to places of comfort and convenience where everything was going right, she went to war-torn countries. She went to places where there is famine and distress. And she went not just to wave the American flags, but to roll up her sleeves and help, because we live on one planet, and every human being has worth and dignity. She saw that, she fought for it, and she advanced American interests through service. That’s the kind of secretary of state she was. So at a point in American history, where we have not seen a person as qualified as her for the White House since George Washington, it is not surprising that a whole bunch of people — not just other folks out there in the Democratic primary — but a whole bunch of people are out there trying to attack her, sling mud at her, sling hate at her.

Clinton stands by and basks in the glow of Booker’s over-the-top praise for her, but this is not surprising. She was equally on board with Madeleine Albright’s condemnation to hell of any woman who chose to vote for the former first lady.

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