This unexpected endorsement of Bernie Sanders has to have Hillary worried

This unexpected endorsement of Bernie Sanders has to have Hillary worried
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Hillary Clinton has been whistling past the graveyard lately. Her margin of victory in the Iowa Caucus was a razor-thin as it was dubious — amounting ultimately to the toss of a coin. And she trails Democratic contender Bernie Sanders by double digits heading into the New Hampshire primary this coming Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Clinton has to be deriving some comfort from the fact that she has the black vote in her pocket, which should buoy her standings once the primaries head into the Deep South.

Only that “fact” is being challenged by an unanticipated endorsement of Sanders. From CNN:

Ben Jealous, the former head of the NAACP, will endorse Bernie Sanders, a source familiar with the campaign told CNN.

The endorsement is a potential boost to Sanders who has struggled to gain traction among African-American voters, though he has made small gains on Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton, according to recent polls.

Jealous, 43, is set to appear with Sanders in New Hampshire ahead of the February 9 primary to announce his support.

It gets worse for Clinton:

Elected to the NAACP post in 2008, Jealous was the youngest person to head the civil rights organization. Credited with re-invigorating the organization and making it more politically relevant, Jealous served for four years. [Emphasis added]

If that’s not enough to create self-doubts in the former secretary of state, Sanders was successful in last night’s town hall event in his outreach to minorities.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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