Civility alert: Lib thinks Rusty Weiss deserves to have his skull smashed with a hammer

Civility alert: Lib thinks Rusty Weiss deserves to have his skull smashed with a hammer

In his final State of the Union address, Barack Obama uttered a great many things that would embarrass an ordinary mortal.

He cited among his more notable accomplishments as president strides he had made in providing better care for the nation’s veterans. Roughly a third of veterans who sought treatment under Obama’s Veterans Administration would disagree if they were still alive. They aren’t because they died while waiting for appointments with V.A. health care professionals.

Obama also reminded Americans of the importance of remaining civil to one another in airing their political differences, a directive that seemed all the more ludicrous coming from a man who in the course of the same speech repeatedly railed out at those who fail to share his grand political vision.

Obama wasn’t alone in failing to practice what he preaches. A presumed disciple of his named Nicholas Salvatore Martielli had some fairly uncivil words for LU contributor Rusty Weiss. A post by Rusty that has been trending mightily on Facebook ever since it went live at 10:37 A.M. on Jan. 11 addressed certain ironies in Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to provide free higher education for prison inmates.

A detail that resonated with most readers was a tweet by a woman named Dale Driscoll in which she wondered aloud whether the man who murdered her daughter and granddaughter would now be receiving, at taxpayers’ expense, the education he had robbed her granddaughter of.

Not only was Martielli unmoved by Dale Driscoll’s pain and outrage over an obvious miscarriage of justice, but he also lashed out at Rusty for daring to report the story:


By the way, in case you’re wondering what sort of job Martielli holds down, he is a former public school teacher. Just the sort of person you want anywhere near young impressionable minds.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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